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The Malvern Hills GeoCentre is situated on the Malvern Hills and close to a number of interesting trails and walks. 

More details about the trails are provided in the GeoCentre, with wall maps and information on the iPads, to help you plan your walk.

The Geopark Way

The Geopark Way is a 109 mile walk from Bridgnorth to Gloucester that weaves its way north/south taking in a variety of geological and natural features. We are located approximately half-way along this trail as it descends from the Malvern Hills down Walwyn Road to the village of Colwall. There are numerous stages to this walk, so you don't need to do the whole 109 miles in one go! And, along its way are other interesting circular walks and trails highlighting the geology and settlements along the way. The GeoCentre has guidebooks and maps associated with this walk for sale.

The Wyche Way

The Wyche Way is a new 80 mile trail being launched in September 2015 that runs east/west between Kington in Herefordshire and Boradway in the Cotswolds. It climbs the Malvern Hills in North Malvern and crosses to the western slopes at the Wyche Cutting. We are conveniently located just 150m from the Wyche Cutting, making for a good stop-off point en-route or an ideal location to start the walk in either direction. This walk is also broken into stages, so you can enjoy hiking different sections over a period of time.

Self-guided local walks

There are plenty of short walks and trails near the Centre that allow you to explore the Hills, see the views and walk to local villages in the valleys. However, we have created two interesting self-guided tours in collaboration with the Malvern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Malvern Hills Conservators.

One is a loop of about 1-1.5 hours that goes north from the Centre and guides you through Park Wood and up to the Worcestershire Beacon. The second is a southern-loop of about 1-1.25 hours that includes views from the spine of the Malvern Hills and Gardiner's Quarry. The guides are available on a free-loan basis with a small deposit from Cafe H2O at the Centre.


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